About me

This is me. 

Yes, I have the Italian specs and an obsession with gelato, but don't let that fool you. I'm most definitely a Brit. A twenty-something Brit, originally from Worcestershire, but now living in beautiful Puglia, southern Italy. Here are some bits and pieces about me:

I'm an English teacher (all ages, but I prefer teaching the little ones).

I studied German at university and now I live in Italy. Hmm....

I absolutely love the beach.

I also love watching old re-runs of Poirot. And Lewis. And Midsomer Murders.

My favourite pizza is margherita (simple, but oh-so-good).

I can't walk in heels very well

I had two tiny terrapins called...ahem, Tim and Jennifer. Unfortunately, Jennifer didn't make it, so now I have little Samantha.

My boyfriend's family always try to make me eat a million types of fruit. I am not really a fan of this. Particularly when the fruit of choice is a prune.

And finally.... 

I absolutely love to write!

I hope you enjoy the blog...