Thursday, 11 September 2014

How do I have so much stuff??

Well, it's official. I have finally moved.

And no, before you start thinking I have upped sticks back to the UK and will now have to start calling my blog drizzle and tea, never fear. I am still very much here in southern Italy. Still in the same little town but at a shiny new flat. One which has what the last one didn't; namely central heating, lots of light and an absence of millipedes (yes I know, the last one is majorly yuck but what can I former home was clearly very welcoming to the little beasties). I'm currently sat here at my computer in a room that is literally flooded with light. Cue big grin.

As anyone who has ever moved house knows, the whole process is stressful and time consuming. After four years here, I have managed to accumulate MASSES of things. Transporting said masses of things between houses during 35 degree temperatures, followed by bouts of torrential rain (I know. Parts of the Gargano region, located near me, have had a years rainfall in a couple of days) has been trying, to say the least. But finally I'm here. I have filled the house with all sorts of little 'witty' signs, such as this one:

Yes, someone doesn't know how to take a decent photo. That last word should be 'appointment'. Ahem.
 And I am determined to use my (much bigger and much nicer) kitchen to make all sorts of delicious treats. In fact, just the other day I threw THIS together:

'Pizza rustica' made using spinach, ham and cheese.
 I say 'I'. There was help involved of course, because, to be honest, I should rarely be left unsupervised in a kitchen. The other day I managed not only to melt plastic in the shiny new oven (don't even ask) and then proceeded to smash eggs all over the floor.

So, as September has made it's presence well and truly felt (mainly weather-wise, anyway), it's time for a new scholastic year, a new house, new friends, a new local cocktail bar (oh yes!) and a new series of Bake Off's all go! For now though, I'm off for a short jaunt to Madrid.

A presto!