Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Teaching in Italy (an article by yours truly!)

So, here it is. My finished article on Teaching English in Italy! I hope it's useful for any of you who are interested in...well, teaching in Italy, or know someone else who is. If you have any more questions, get in touch :)

You can view my article by clicking... here!

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  1. Hi Amy,
    I enjoyed the article, and we definitely agree on a lot of things - the lifestyle and charm of the country and its people balance out a lot of things that are, let's say, challenging!
    I thought it would be good to add a note on a couple of topics that are also important to understand when we're teaching in Italy - taxes and contracts!
    I've linked my name above to a useful guide to teaching in Italy - there's a handy chart to understand your net salary and how it all works in the taxes section, and an explanation of the bewildering pros and cons of the different types of contracts.
    I hope you find it interesting, and good luck with your blog!