Saturday, 4 July 2015

It's July....

Yes, I know.

Six months have passed. 


And I simply have no idea where they went. Six months of hard work and rubbish winter days which then turned into rainy spring days which have now become hot and sticky days. Six months of books and paper and games and grammar. And sometimes even grammar games (yes, grammar CAN be made fun...shocker!) Six months of pizza and pasta and, more recently, nutella and pistachio gelato. And finally, six months of love, new friendships and a whole lot of work on the new house.

Now the summer is here. Hooray! Aren't we all glad? I certainly am.

Recently I made a trip to Rome. July. No, I am not bonkers. (Well...I suppose that's debatable). Summer in Rome is beautiful, but summer in Rome is also hot, sticky and sweaty. Very sweaty. I was there for 24 hours and I do believe that I was constantly sweating. Even in the shower. For those of you who have been to Rome in summer time, I'm sure you will understand this sweaty situation well. For those who haven't and indeed wish to take a trip to the beautiful Italian capital in July or August- brace yourselves. Plenty of water,one of those little electronic fans or perhaps just keep seeking out air conditioned establishments. Avoid the metro and make sure you check that your hotel has air con or, at the very least, big ceiling fans.

Yet despite this heat, I did manage to have an excellent time- the highlight possibly being my gluttonous dinner of Carbonara followed by saltimbocca. Two very (delicious) Roman specialities.

Where are you all headed on your summer holidays this year?