Thursday, 16 August 2012

Thick skin required!

I've often talked about cultural differences between Italy and the UK. Many of which are pleasant differences. Some of which are not. Yesterday, I had the misfortune of discovering another negative. Upon meeting a member of my boyfriend's family whilst out and about, the conversation we had went something like this:

Member of Family (Mof): Ciao Amy!! Wecome back!
Me: Ciao! Thanks! How's it going?
Mof: Well, thanks. Ahh, you've put on weight! (BAM!)
Me: I don't think... (cue defensiveness: The mediterranean diet actually suits me very well. And I didn't eat that many of mum's puddings while at home.)
Mof: Yes, yes you've put on weight! (DOUBLE BAM!)
Me: Oh well, maybe...I don't know...
Mof: Oh don't worry, I have too. So, when did you arrive back in Italy?
Me: Sorry? (loud, live music in background)
Mof: Have you forgotten all of your Italian while you've been away?! (and finally, TRIPLE BAM!)

After discussing this conversation at length with my boyfriend (which was mainly made up of him telling me that I look no different/slim/lovely), it turns out that mentioning one's weight, in both a positive and negative way is actually, well, OK here. It can also be positive to say that you've put on weight, because it means you look 'healthy'. Hmm, not too sure about that. As I'm sure many other women agree, mentioning weight, especially added weight, is just a big, fat (!) no no.Just don't do it. Ever. Luckily, claiming that someone has put on weight (to their face) in the UK is a pretty big faux pas. And of course, rather rude.

So, whether she is right or not (not...) it seems that one must put on their thick skin when it comes to body comments. Because they may come your way. With a great big BAM. 

Now, what's for lunch? ;)


  1. Amy this has totally happened to me before, so no worries! (The problem was, maybe I had been indulging too much in the Prosecco and pasta!!!) Anyways, I've had Italians also comment about hairstyle/colour (Sarah, it's much better this way than the way you wore it before!). Just grin and bear it, bella!

  2. Thanks for the lovely comment, you've definitely cheered me up! It's a bit difficult to get used to but, piano piano! :D

  3. Your boyfriend is right Amy it is the norm to comment on the 'bella figura' here as the commenter above says just grin and bear it.