Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Bespectacled is best!

I've touched on the subject of fashion in the south before, and have expressed my somewhat sceptical view of what constitutes 'fashion' in these parts, particularly for the men, (light blue jeans with what can only be described as US flag 'pannels' on the thighs? Now don't get me wrong, I've nothing against the US flag, but surely there are better ways to wear it?) But I am determined to comment nevertheless, pointing out the good, the bad, and the ugly. And, of course, I am also aiming to promote Primark as much as possible:

I aim to be wearing this.
And these. They were about a fiver.

However, my love of Primark aside, there's one particular aspect of fashion that the southerners DO seem to follow. And that's glasses. Normal and sun. A four year old boy in our pre-school class has a tiny pair of ray bans. People shun lenses in favour of something shiny and designer. It doesn't matter what's on the body, as long as the head is showing off a beautiful pair of specs. People who don't even need a prescription wear them. Because geek most definitely IS chic.They may not dress exactly like the Milanese (who needs them anyway), but they could definitely rival them in the specs department. Now, I have come to realise there's such a thing as 'Italian specs'. Not officially of course, but this phrase most definitely exists in my vocabulary. 'Italian specs' are, in a word, FASHIONABLE. Whichever way you look at it. Designer, and, more often than not, with a bit of bling. There's no generic design here. If you can't see WHO designed them, they aren't worth having.

loving the specs.

 I was told before Christmas that I should invest in a pair of 'Italian specs'. So that I'd look better and not so.....English. And teacher-y. Erm...last time I checked, I was definitely both of those things. At first I protested. I will keep my identity! I will maintain my look! But no. I gave in. I was too curious, and happened to stop in front of a shop window. The beautiful pair of Chanel glasses I saw practically SPOKE to  me. We can make you less geek and more chic! They yelled, with a French accent of course. After almost having a heart attack when I saw the price tag, I decided against the Chanel ones, but promised myself I would find some that were suitable. Some that were Italian. Some that were FABULOUS.

Suddenly there I was. Bespectacled in the most Italian way possible. Black, fairly big, Valentino, bit of bling. I LOVED them. As I put my old glasses back in the draw I felt a little sad. Should I have abandoned the old glasses that had treated me so well, that had literally gave me the gift of sight in the past?

old vs. new

 It was when I walked into the classroom that I knew my 'Italian specs' decision had been the right one. Ah finally! One of my students commented, after seeing my new glasses for the first time. You no longer look like an old woman!!

Italian specs it is. 

definitely a bit of bling going on there. ohh yeeeah.

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