Thursday, 26 April 2012

Hello (again) Kitty...

Whilst on a trip to my favourite low cost, non-Italian supermarket (yes, I am of course talking about Lidl), I came across something that shocked me. No, there weren't creepy crawlies in the fruit and veg. And no, the staff hadn't all of a sudden decided to start smiling once in a while. It was something way more shocking than that. Behold, if you will, the Hello Kitty.....lettuce!!!

Look! You can enjoy all your favourite Hello Kitty designs! (Before you rip open the bag, and chuck it in the bin 2 seconds later...)

Doesn't the salad background make her look SO much cuter?!

Now, I am fully aware of the fascination that people have with Hello Kitty and Disney here. It's everywhere. On bags, t-shirts, pencils, folders, sweets. But lettuce?? Now that's just a little bit too ODD for my liking.

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