Monday, 18 June 2012

little miss sunshine...

I am a big fan of flowers. Receiving them that is, not growing them. Both my mum and my grandad have green fingers, but I am yet to develop mine. I absolutely love being in possession of a nice big bunch of flowers though, and although it doesn't happen very often, I'm over the moon when I can fill a nice big vase full of the things.

This month I have been particularly lucky, because my boyfriend gave me some beautiful flowers for my birthday, and my boss rewarded us all with a lovely meal and nice big bunch each. But what flowers were they? I hear you ask. No, not carnations or roses or even lilies, but sunflowers. Big, beautiful sunflowers. Aren't they gorgeous?

There's something about sunflowers that make me very happy. Maybe it's because they are so bold and beautiful, and yellow happens to be my favourite colour. They also remind me of summer which, based on the gorgeous June we are having, seems to have well and truly arrived!

One of my favourite Italian singers, Giorgia, also has a lovely song, entitled 'Girasole' (sunflower), which I also happen to love! Have a listen:

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