Saturday, 27 July 2013

10 signs that you know the southern Italian summer has REALLY arrived...

Apart from the obvious sign of course: that you are really, really, sweaty...

1. You find yourself making more and more excuses to 'do the shopping', knowing full well that all the big stores have wonderful, amazing, incredible air conditioning.

2. You realise that is it ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY to have at least 2 showers a day.

3. You realise that it is also ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY to sleep in the middle of the day. For at least two hours.

4. You will no longer care about getting a tan whilst at the beach. Between 12pm and 4pm, shade is ALL that matters.

5. You find that your gelato/crema al caffè consumption has skyrocketed. (In my case, this means at least one of each per LEAST...), creamy, sugary goodness...

6. Salad, tomatoes, cold cuts and mozzarella will become you dietary staples. Because a) you are often required to do number 1 to get them and b) cooking? When it's this hot? You're joking right?

7. You find yourself walking really, REALLY slowly.

8. Nobody, I mean NOBODY, is out and about between the hours of 12.30pm and 5.30 pm.

9. You ACTUALLY need to drink that 2 litres of water that doctors tell you you should. Because if you don't, dizziness/headaches/nausea may occur.

10. Unbelievably, you start craving the Autumn.

So, stay cool folks. Literally.