Tuesday, 6 August 2013

English Treats

Hello folks!

I am currently writing to you from my lovely home county of Worcestershire, England. Yes, I fled the soaring southern Italian temperatures to, ahem, 'enjoy' a bit of rain here in the heart of England. I have also been enjoying (minus the sarcasm this time) pork pies, Poirot and of course, pub grub. 

This morning, the sun decided to grace us with its presence (thank you sun) so me and my folks ambled off to the little town of Winchcombe. It was lovely to have a wander around this true gem of a town and poke our noses into the cute little gift shops. 

However, it was what we did after our bumble around Winchcombe that really put a smile on my face: a pub lunch. We stopped at the Apple Tree Inn (Stockwell Lane, Wodmancote, Cheltenham) and had a good, hearty meal. I was also delighted with my dessert choice, which was a Jamaican Ginger Cheesecake....I'll let the photos do the talking!

courgette, chick pea and cous cous tart

Mum's summer pud

And the part that you have all been waiting for....

Sinful yet oh..so...goooooood.

Have a great day! :D


  1. OOOH AMY!!!!!! Those foodie pics have got my mouth watering :-)))))

  2. Mmmmm all this britishness on a plate looks divine. I am heading up to England for a brief trip next month and have already planned all free time around food.