Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Food for thought..

I don't know about any of you other expats out there, but when I land on British soil after a long stint in Italy, it doesn't take me long to sink my teeth into a whole host of 'British' food. It's not that I really miss it too much when I'm in Italy (authentic, traditional, delicious Italian food everywhere I go? Now who could complain about that...) but I most definitely take advantage of it when I'm in the UK. My first snack of choice when I arrived at the airport this time? A flapjack. I don't think I'd even thought about flapjacks for months, but when I got my hands on one, I savoured every single bite. As my week in England progressed, I made it my goal to enjoy as many yummy foods as possible (see below). And now I'm back in Italy? It's pizza, pasta, proscuitto and gelato in large quantities, although not all at the same time, of course...

A trip to Tewkesbury market led us to these yummy preserves. The banoffee curd? Incredible.

Book. Tea. Biccies. YES.

Beef stew and dumplings.

Some profiteroley chocolatey biscuity thing.

Gooseberry and toffee cheesecake. (These two deserts weren't my personal choices by the way, but I felt it necessary to include them as they got great feedback)

My last meal of the week? It had to be my aunt's UNBELIEVABLE lamb curry, homemade naan bread and cous cous. To die for.

Yes, I did have SOME healthy food...even if it was served with cream and meringue..ahem!

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