Monday, 19 August 2013

Cilento and friends...

Are you a Twitter user? If the answer to this is yes, then first of all make sure you click the little button over to the left and start following me ;) Secondly, if you do like to use Twitter, then you may well have made the bold and exciting move of actually meeting up in person with a new found online companion. I am proud to say that this weekend I did just that.

After having decided to spend a relaxing couple of days in the beautiful part of Italy that is Cilento, I realised that two of my favourite Twitter people live right in the area. Cue some frantic tweeting and lots of excitement, and our Twitter date was set up! The lovely couple in question are Ali (@cilentoangel) and John (@Cilentoman), who I have had the pleasure of knowing for over half a year now, and have been living in Cilento for almost 3 years. Needless to say, I was thrilled to have the chance to meet them, but also a little bit nervous too!

I really needn't have worried at all, because right from the moment we met, we just clicked! With a big grin, John bounded up to me and introduced himself, before I launched at Ali with a massive cuddle! I introduced my boyfriend who I had brought with me, and we all went for a little drink before heading to a big family run restaurant for some tasty pasta. The men, being typical men, had a big plate of grilled meat of course!

The evening was finished off perfectly with a stroll and a gelato. When it came to saying goodbye, I really didn't want to! But it was lovely to have finally met these two wonderful people, and I absolutely can't wait to meet them again!

Unfortunately, we were having such a good time, that we forgot to take even one photo. So I will leave you with some wonderful views from the place me and my man stayed at in Cilento (

Have a great week everyone, and get organising your Twitter meet up asap! :)

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