Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Holidaying with the Pope (sort of)

Recently, a couple of friends have pointed out that my little blog has a heavy food theme to it. A bigger helping of tomatoes than sunshine, shall we say. Being a self confessed food fanatic, (and by that I do mean that I prefer eating it to cooking it...) I shall continue to post regularly about various gelato/pasta/pizza/sweet treats that I scoff. Everyone needs a bit of #foodporn in their lives, don't they.

However, today's post doesn't actually revolve around food! Well, not completely anyway. Being in such a beautiful country, I have made it my objective to explore as much of it as possible. Last weekend I spent some time in stunning Cilento (and met up with some wonderful Twitter friends, click here for more on that!) and the weekend before that, my lovely Italian man treated me to a weekend in Castelgandolfo, which is about 15 miles south east of Rome. It's also home to the Pope's official holiday residence, dontcha know. Unfortunately, we didn't get to spend a day lounging by the pool with the head of the Catholic church (because yes, I'm quite certain that's what he does when he's on holiday...quite certain...) but we did stay in a lovely hotel (Hotel Castelvecchio), explored the winding cobbled streets, witnessed the marvellous Lake Albano and ate very well indeed (I said it wasn't a completely food-less post). Here are some snapshots of our little weekend away...

The child was not with me. And yes, I have of course unwittingly taken a photo of a Pasticceria...

Yes, we went out on a pedalo.

Just the start of our antipasto feast at a great restaurant called Arte & Vino.

The culinary delights just kept coming.

The stunning view from our hotel
 Hope you're all having a great week! :o)


  1. I have recently discovered your blog and I think its amazing. I like the foodie posts and pics :)

  2. Hi- thanks for stopping by, I'm glad you like the food posts, they're my favourite kind of post to write! Hope you'll visit again soon :)

  3. Hi, great blog. I the same hotel a couple of years ago with my other half and our son. We loved the pool on the roof and ate a 5 course evening meal at the hotel. What a fantastic location! I don't think the pope was home when we wre there!