Saturday, 22 September 2012

Dentist drama...(ish)

Let's be honest, nobody really likes the dentist.

And my boyfriend is no exception. Hence why I decided to accompany him on a recent visit. I was promised a free coffee and cake in return for my 'support', but even though this is a great exchange, I'm not sure if it was worth it. I'll explain to you just a little bit about a dentist visit in Puglia. And this is just in the waiting room....
  •  You may have an appointment, but this does not matter, as you'll be seen when you're seen, even if this means that there are 4 people in front of you who don't have an appointment. 
  • People will come in and demand to be seen immediately. Disregarding not only the appointments (which don't mean anything anyway, see point number one) but also the others in the 'queue'. Good grief I'm so British. 
  • The dentists don't know who's next. They simply shout out: 'Who's next?'. This is your chance- TAKE IT!
  • On a positive note, the magazines are surprisingly current. I found the latest addition of my favourite gossip magazine. Result. 
  • People chit chat. Loudly. This is very different to my dentist in the UK. 
  • Even if you are just waiting for someone, you will get asked repeatedly if you are here to be seen by the dentist.
  • Whole families go into the dentist's room together. I saw 5 family members traipse in en mass.
  • It is acceptable for children to run around and cause chaos in a space that you would never think it possible.
  • Even though it is required to use the buzzer before you enter the actual dentists rooms, people wander in anyway. 
  • Some people do make use of the buzzer though. One child played a short game of 'buzz and run'. 
So, as you can see, dentists waiting rooms are somewhat...different to those in the UK. I have yet to sample the delights of the actual dentist's chair, but as soon as I do (as little emphasis as possible on the 'soon'), I will explain it all -via bullet points- on here.

Right, best hit the shops for some more toothpaste and dental floss....

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  1. The dentist visit does sound chaotic! Thanks for the follow - now following you too. I do all kinds of craft - just not much cards! I like to design my cards on the computer it seems easier to me. There are quite a few websites that show you how to make cards - one blog that gives tutorials is but to be honest I don't follow her much just get updates from her creations via google+ PS: I hope you enjoyed looking at my craft blog - I update this at least every Monday. Karima.