Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Mini blog: Oh the shame.

Beware, this may amuse you.

Someone I know has a habit of leaving their flies open. I always point it out (discretely of course) but often have a good giggle about it. I see people every now and then jaunting around town with the zip low, and I think to myself- how on earth do you not check before you leave the house?

Well. Yesterday, I taught a class for a whole HOUR with my flies open. And they were teenagers. And I had to find a discreet moment to do them up again, which was not at all easy.


Totally embarrassing teacher moment, and possibly a hit of karma too. Funnily enough, I've actually done this before. You'd think I would have learnt. Well, you know what they say: you can't teach a teacher!



  1. If it's any consolation a few months ago and I was rushing around tidying up my classroom after teaching a businessman for an hour when I noticed TWO buttons on my new blouse had popped open and my boobs were cheerfully making an unplanned peekaboo appearance and I had NO IDEA how long it had been like that.

    1. Oh nooooo!!! How awful for you!! :O It does kind of make me feel better that someone else has experienced something similar to me though! ;)

  2. eek! don't worry though! I had toothpaste blotches all down my jeans today and naturally it was a teenager who pointed it out to me (very loudly and with a waggly finger). Needless to say my lesson lacked a sense of authority today.