Friday, 19 October 2012

The girl in the yellow dress (part 2)

I recently posted about a great new dress that I picked up from the very purse friendly Oviesse. Well, last weekend it has its first official outing, and a religious outing at that.

Paired with a scarf and heels (which I deeply regretted later, as I discovered we had to walk A LOT and up HILLS and on COBBLES), it was perfect for my boyfriend's niece's christening.

His other nieces look pretty cute too, don't they? ;)


  1. I adore this dress! You looked great. Also love the shoes, although they may have caused you some discomfort...the things we do for fashion!

  2. A lined blazer, neck scarf and ballerina pumps? That's the coolest outfit I've ever seen on a little kid. by a mile. so cute!

  3. That dress looks really lovely on you. I'm very envious as, being blonde, I can't wear yellow unless I am radioactively spray tanned orange. LLGxx