Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Rain rain go away...

 Yes folks, the usually sunny south has turned into one big lake. Mini rivers are flowing along my street, and the cobbled streets are a MAJOR slipping hazard. I have taken to going out in my rather fetching wellies.

I 'braved' the weather this morning to go for a much needed coffee. There's a lovely little bar on the main street which has become my 'usual' place to get a caffeine fix. The owner always has tasty cakes available too, so I occasionally often indulge.

The other nice little thing about this bar, is that they have sugar packets with little proverbs and jokes on them. Sometimes my Italian doesn't stretch that far, and I have to ask the boy for some linguistic assistance, but most of the time they are simple and actually rather amusing. I read a great one this morning, which I had to share with you all. Here goes:

Un elephante chiede ad una cammella: 
'Perche hai le tette sulla schiena?'
'Senti chi parla uno che ha il pisello in faccia...'

And my (rough) English translation (and do excuse the slightly rude nature of the expressions):

An elephant asks a camel:
'Why do you have tits on your back?'
'You're one to talk, you've got a penis on your face...'

So there you are. A spot of humour to brighten up your (rainy) day!


  1. Hahahaha! That is a good one! Thanks for putting a smile on my face. :)

    ♥, Jo

  2. Oh no what a crazy camel it is hehe.
    was thinking waht the elephant would have felt inside the jungle crowd. :)