Monday, 21 January 2013

Perfect pesto

There's one thing that really makes cooking quick and easy (no, not another person to actually do the cooking for you...), and that's pesto. It goes with loads of different things, you don't need to spend hours making it, and all you need to do is keep it in the fridge. Oh, and it tastes amazing too.

I love experimenting with sauces and trying out all different kinds of things in the kitchen (some are successful, some not so much...) but I must say, I've yet to make pesto from scratch. I don't have a food processor unfortunately, which is a fundamental requirement for making a decent pesto. So, I will admit to buying it ready made in a jar. Recently, I came across this:

Pesto with almonds? What a brilliant idea. I don't even know if I can go back to regular pesto now. The additional crunchy bits are just too delicious, and the flavours work so well together.

Here are a couple of pesto themed dishes I have been enjoying recently:

Pesto bruschetta

Simple spaghetti with pesto, cream cheese and fresh tomatoes
 For those of you who are keen on making your own pesto (I will be following this recipe soon!), here's how BBC Food goes about doing it:

Put 50g of basil, 30g of toasted pine nuts, 1 garlic clove and 30g of Parmesan in a food processor and season well. Slowly pour in 85ml of olive oil bit by bit as you whiz it all together, until the mixture thickens. And there you have it! It's really too simple to be true.

What do you like to do with pesto? :)


  1. I love making my own pesto, if I only want to use a small batch I'll use a pestle and mortar and although it's hard to get all the leaves perfectly incorporated it works really well. I love putting spinach (and sometimes rocket in my pesto) and for added goodness seeds too. I know it's totally diverging away from proper pesto but it tastes amazing! I did a blog post on how I do mine if you fancy a look :
    Love you blog! It makes me really miss Italy, have to plan a trip there soon.

  2. I love pesto!!! I love it on pizza and pasta. That bruschetta looks amazing though. I need to try that!

    xo - Sheila