Monday, 4 February 2013

Croissant, anyone?

Hello everyone! I hope you all had a lovely weekend.

The weather was a bit yucky down here, but luckily the skies are clear today, and the sun is shining. What better way to start the week than with a spot of nice weather!

This weekend, bar doing an examiner course on Saturday (boo), I completely chilled out. I had a marathon True Blood session, drank lots of tasty coffee, went out with friends on Saturday night and then spent Sunday afternoon lounging about doing nothing. Apart from trying my hand at an Italian yoghurt cake of course! I couldn't find a decent recipe so took matters into my own hands a bit. It came out well but it wasn't perfect. Definitely a work in progress- recipe will be posted as soon as I come up with a good one!

 On Saturday and Sunday mornings, me and my boyfriend usually go out for breakfast. We go to a bar for coffee and one of those big, delicious, calorific croissants- it's one of the weekend rituals that I absolutely love. But due to my course on Saturday, we couldn't do it. And on Sunday morning it was chucking it down with rain, so we weren't keen on even leaving the house (how Italian am I?!). So we decided to cook up some croissants of our own. I don't mean we went to the trouble of making the dough and whatnot, but we popped some frozen ones in the oven (luckily, I had bought some for the first time the day before!). After all, that's what the bars usually do, so we thought we'd try and recreate the experience at home. The smell of croissants wafting out of the oven on a Sunday morning? It's really quite heavenly.

And my WORD were they good. Light, fluffy and absolutely delish. If it weren't for the creamy cappuccinos that you can only get if you go to a bar, I think our weekend breakfast ritual would always be confined to the house!


  1. The yoghurt cake and croissants look good! I never feel like leaving the house when it's raining either!

    Sita xx

  2. Mmmm croissants! Just discovered your blog today, it's really cute! And you seem to have the same sweet tooth as me ;)

    1. Hi Alex! Glad you like the blog, and I hope you keep reading :) I most definitely have a sweet tooth. Expect more 'dolce' posts in the future! :)