Monday, 1 April 2013

Buona Pasquetta!

A big fat HELLO and Happy Easter to all you lovely readers. Whether you're followers (thanks!), regular readers or just happen to have stumbled on my little blog, I hope you're all having a nice Easter break.

I have been simply AWFUL recently and haven't been blogging at all. BUT! Never fear because even though I may only be blogging a couple of times a week now, I'm HERE!

So today in Italy the Italians are all celebrating 'Pasquetta', or little Easter. Usually, big groups of friends head to the beach or woods or someone's house, to eat, drink, socialise and eat a bit more. Today has been a bit different for me though, as my Pasquetta didn't involve friends- it involved my parents!!! They have been in Italy for over a week now and I've been showing them around. Today, we headed to the beautiful Gargano (me, my man, my parents and his parents too!) and spent some time enjoying the sunshine in the towns of Rodi and Vico.

 On our way to Vico however, my boyfriend's dad's car broke down....and we ended up pushing it halfway up a hill!!! The journey back was definitely a good 'getting to know you better' task, as there were 6 of us crammed into one little Fiat! Needless to say, we had a good giggle, despite being cramped up in the back!

And do you know what, I think it was all worth it just for the fabulous cakes we picked up at the Pasticceria Pizzicato (Via del Risorgimento, Vico del Gargano)

 Buona Pasquetta! :D

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