Friday, 5 April 2013

Festa della Fontana

As well as the Easter festivities that have taken place recently in my small, southern Italian town, there has also been another cause to celebrate; namely the Festa della Fontana, and this means live music, street stalls, processions and yes, you guessed it, tons of fireworks. Take a look at some of the photos I've taken during the past couple of days, including several shots of the amazing (yet oh-so-dangerous) head-height bangers!!

See the ones in the white hoodies? Yep, they run right underneath said head-height fireworks.

I literally have no words for this. Apart from: Love the shirt.

Setting up

Marching band
More entertainment :D
They do look like jolly fellows don't they? :)

People were literally ducking.

Yep, looks rather like a war zone doesn't it? ;)
I tell you what, even though we definitely don't have festivals like this in the UK and thus I am 100% NOT used to fireworks going off near my vital organs, in a strange way I can't help but love it. The whole town comes together and joins in the celebrations, and, despite the severe lack of health and safety precautions, everyone has a great time. Have you been to an exciting festival lately?

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