Friday, 7 June 2013

Che buono!

Summer may be on its way (or so it seems, she says with her fingers crossed), but before the hot weather really sets in and I start gorging on ice lollies and caprese salads, I still feel the need to indulge in a nice, heart meal every now and then. Today's treat?A typical Puglia dish, namely the Pancotto. Potatoes, bread and fresh veggies, all with a generous drizzle of olive oil... che buono!

Talking of summer being on its way, I for one literally can't wait. As all of you fellow teachers know, the last few weeks of school are totally hectic, what with exams, final lessons and people running around like headless chickens. This teacher and blogger is very much looking forward to a great big rest. And a lot more blogging of course.

Buon weekend! :D



  1. Hi! I've just found your blog and it's so cute! I'm reading posts randomly :) I'm Italian (from Tuscany) but this summer will be the third in a row in which I visit Puglia... my boyfriend comes from a little village in Salento! It's funny to see how you perceive Italy, even if the south is VEEEEEERY different from the north! Can't wait to read new posts! Bacioni!

    1. Hey Millie!I'm glad you like the blog! And yes, the North and the south are very different indeed :-) Have a great day and look out for new posts soon! Baci