Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Peace and tranquility..or perhaps not.

Ahh, the southern Italian, small town lifestyle. Calm, quiet and peaceful, right?

Well, not where I live it isn't. I have come to realise that Italians are not quiet people (well, duh). Nothing they do is done with low volume. And so when you live in a tiny little street (honestly, I can almost reach into my neighbours house) and are forced to have the windows open during these sticky summer months (yes, even September is warm), you have the 'pleasure' of hearing even the softest exclamation of 'mamma mia'. Not that that phrase is ever used softly, but hey.

Let me show you a little photo of my humble street:

And now let me inform you of some of the sounds that bounce around on a frequent basis in said humble little street:

babies screaming

children screaming

adults screaming

dogs barking

cats meowing


the jingle of the national weather report on tv (which goes something like this: duuum, du du du duuuum)

the 'glop' of pasta being served onto plates

women arguing

women shouting at each other

women shouting at men

men running away from the women

Gangnam Style

cars revving

motorbikes revving

one of those battery powered jeeps that kids have. I'm not saying I want to (I totally want to) but I may be forced to don a balaclava and remove the battery during the small hours of the morning. ('It was during a period of mental instability, your honour...')


power tools

power tools

more power tools

 every single word of every single conversation that happens within 20 metres of my house

So yes, you could say that I'm not exactly living in the quietest area of town. However, there is an upside.

Yes, definitely an upside...

Not quite sure just yet what that upside is, but I'll be sure to let you all know as soon as I think of it. I suppose you could say that I'm getting a very realistic insight into how the southern Italians live. In all their shouty, power-tool abundant glory.

Have a great day folks! :D

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