Thursday, 26 June 2014

In the summetime...

...the weather in southern Italy is GLORIOUS. And also BOILING. But instead of just going on about how darn hot it is, I thought I would make a little list to illustrate exactly what it's like to experience summer here the heel of the boot. So, here it is:

1. Summer will arrive suddenly. One minute you're still in your jeans and a jacket and the next? You're wondering if it's acceptable to walk around in your smalls because it's so ridiculously warm (just for the record, it's not).

2. Sweating will become part of your daily life, and it'll be tricky to find a deodorant that will prevent you from leaving sweat marks all over your t-shirt. The good thing is, however, that people here don't seem to care too much. A shiny face or a few damp underarms don't seem to bother anybody. Being smelly on the other hand, does. So make sure you wash.

3. Between the hours of 12pm and about 5pm during the high summer, there will be no-one, I repeat, NO-ONE, on the streets. At this time of day it's simply impossible to be outside, and so people either choose to sleep, or at least relax in their air conditioned houses, if they're lucky enough to have them.

4. When people do venture outside, their walking pace will become tortoise-like. People here walk slowly enough as it is, so add in a nice 35°C to the mix and everyone becomes practically stationary.

5. Shops don't really stock chocolate any more. As you all know, heat plus chocolate equals goo. Ice cream, which is already goo but at least it's cold goo, will become your regular sugar fix.

6. When mid June comes around, everyone will start going to the beach. Understandably so, because in the towns and cities it's just far too hot. If you're looking for a peaceful beach day, avoid Sundays, as all the of lidi become jam packed. Screaming children to the left, dialect-speaking (or-yelling) families to the right and in front? A whole host of speedo-clad men.

7. Even though it's scorching outside and the only thing you feel like eating is a light salad, Italians will still continue to eat pasta dishes for lunch. Yes, this is probably why all they can do in the afternoon is sleep.

8. In the summertime, despite the extreme sweatiness and the fact that you don't have any energy whatsoever, la dolce vita really begins. Lazy beach days, shorts and sandals, endless amounts of gelato (or maybe that's just me?) and long, summer evenings of aperitivi and cocktails. What more could you ask for?


  1. Number 8 seems to be the dream. I'm actually quite jealous of lazy days, icecreams and cocktails. Those Italians get it right!

  2. Replies
    1. You should try the Nutella ice cream Sheila...incredible!! :)