Monday, 23 April 2012


As I'm sure you can tell by looking at previous posts and my blog title, one of the main things I love about living in this region is the abundance of delicious tomatoes. During the summer you can buy a big bag of them for next to nothing, but even now, mid-April, you can get some super tasty ones. Feast your eyes on the beauties I saw in one of the many fruit and veg shops in my town:

I bought a big bag and decided to make something tasty for my lunch using these lovely pomodori. This involved, well, pretty much leaving them as they were. No cooking, just a bit of chopping, and the addition of some salt, dried oregano and olive oil. Simple and delicious! In my opinion, tomatoes are at their best when served like this. If you want to be even more Italian about it, you could try bruschetta...

According to my Italian source, you simply chop up some tomatoes into little pieces, and put them in a big bowl with some salt, olive oil and oregano. Take a clove or garlic and, without chopping it up, put it in with the tomatoes too. Leave in the fridge for about an hour so the garlic can get to work! Remove the garlic before you serve a nice spoonful of the tomatoes on toasted bread. To make it perfect, grill the bread on the barbecue. It tastes SO good!

(PS- Prepare for more tomato themed chit chat as the summer draws nearer!)

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