Friday, 18 May 2012


Lunches can last a long time here. Especially when there's something to celebrate (and believe me, the Italians always find something to celebrate). But even 'normal' lunches are an occasion for the family to come together and enjoy each others company. Seeing as we are suffering from a lack of family, me and the girls often eat lunch together. Nice big bowls of pasta or something else fairly stodgy, and, as of fairly recently, a little dessert of some kind. Yesterday was my turn to cook, and following the pasta, as a little sweet something, I offered a Time Out chocolate bar. What did this do? Well, yes, it gave us a lovely sugar rush. But it also sparked an interesting conversation about chocolate bars. Which ones we like, which ones we don't, 'vintage' chocolate bars from our childhood, and chocolate bars you can't buy here. I thought I'd share some of our points of view with you..along with some hunger-inducing pictures...
The biscuit, caramel, nougat filled wonder that is BOOST. A definite favourite. I like picking the chocolate off this before I attempt the middle bit!

The classic Cadbury caramel. Simple, yet effective. We may have a lot of super sweet treats over here, but you can't beat Cadbury chocolate.

We also talked about sweets. The Welsh one has a weakness for these...

...and these. Personally, I much prefer chocolate to sweets (but I still wouldn't say no to a bag of skittles). You can't buy them here, much to the Welsh one's dismay.
I haven't had a Crispy Roll for YEARS, but it was agreed that they are really quite AWESOME. Perfect snack size!

You simply HAVE to lick the chocolate off this one first! In my opinion, any chocolate bar with honeycomb in it is a winner.

Our vintage fave, the Gold bar. Brings back memories of snack time at primary school!

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