Thursday, 17 May 2012

I see seashells on the seashore...

What do you do when you go to the beach? Eat an ice cream? Do a spot of sunbathing? Maybe have a swim in the sea if it's warm enough? Forget to apply enough suncream and get unsightly bikini bottom marks on your rear? I do all of the above. In addition to this I also enjoy having a mosey along the beach to see if I can see any nice shells. Childish perhaps. But it's a bit like building sandcastles: it's always rather fun, no matter what age you are. I squealed with delight as I found some lovely shells in the sand, and proceeded to pick them all up and put them into my bag to take home and, well, look at. And maybe arrange nicely somewhere in my apartment so that I can, well, look at them some more. However, I noticed that one of the shells had a little hole in it, right at the top. So what did I decide to do? Make a nice necklace out of it. So now OTHER people can look at it too. Who knew I would be able to 'make' my own jewellery?! ;)


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