Friday, 11 May 2012

Who needs technology to stay in touch?

So today, I got a nice letter from my friend in Australia. I absolutely love sending and receiving letters. In a world where everyone uses so much technology (including yours truly!), it's really refreshing to see that people, every now and then, still use this traditional way of keeping in touch. I take great pleasure in sitting down and putting pen to paper, instead of tapping away on the keyboard all the time. It's relaxing and makes you remember how people actually used to communicate in the past, before emails, facebook and of course, blogs!

In the summer, when I'm not working, I intend to write a lot more letters, and surprise some of my family and friends. Because let's face it, receiving an unexpected, handwritten letter is one of life's little pleasures...

Don't you just love the postcard and envelope? How unusual!

p.s- my favourite shop in Lecce (Cartoleria Pantheon) sells beautiful writing sets... 

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