Tuesday, 12 June 2012

football fever...?

So, it's football time again. I can't avoid it. As hard as I try not to get involved, I always end up shouting at the TV screen. God knows what I'm shouting about because I really don't understand football. But if it seems like the players are making some kind of error, I just go with it. NOOOOO YOU'RE DOING IT ALL WRONG! I yell, looking around to see if my comment seemed appropriate.

Before it began, I was curious about how the Italians would act throughout the competition. Would they become all hooligan-ish? Rampaging through the streets, banners painted on faces, chugging beer? Or would they be calm and rational about it all, watching quietly at home? Well, so far I've seen or heard of neither. Italians are very social creatures, and so sitting at home alone watching a game is out of the question. And charging through the streets? At least not yet. Let's see how far Italy gets before I can comment too much on that...

From what I have witnessed in my little town, social viewing is essential. And a nice beer is also important. But getting blind drunk then stumbling about after is not. I watched the first Italy match with a group of friends (men and women). We drank a little, and of course, we ate a little. It is Italy. Smoking took place during half time. And when the match finished, it was briefly discussed, before everyone dispersed. Sounds a little boring? Well, it wasn't. During the game, I have never heard so many 'VAFFANCULO!!!!!'s in my life. There was wild gesticulating taking place. There may have been a little bit of dancing when the goal was scored. The small place in which we were watching literally erupted with joy when the ball hit the back of the net.

Will the football viewing remain calm and sociable?

Or will Italian football hooligans rear their ugly heads?

 So, are the southern Italians big drinkers? Perhaps not. Hooligans? It doesn't appear so (yet). But passionate? Hell yes. It seems that Italians really are passionate about three things: Food, Football and, well, Passion. 

FORZA ITALIA!!(and England of course...I knew I'd forgotten something...!)

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