Monday, 11 June 2012

Happy (summer) feet!

Now that the hot weather has well and truly arrived, it's time to get the feet out and give them some air! This also means of course, slipping on a pair of lovely sandals or wedges. I'm all about comfort (even though I have seen lots of gorgeous heels about recently!) so I love a nice pair of flats. Here are some of the styles I will be showing my feet off in, and whats more, they were all complete bargains:

The beading detail is gorgeous, and they were only about €12 (AND made it Italy!)

Primark. About £6, and they go with everything!

But you can't get your feet out without doing some maintenance first. Summer feet need to look good! The Irish one likes moisturising her feet then popping them into cling film (don't ask, but apparently it really works!). I have used pumice stone in the past to get rid of nasty dry bits, and of course, a good nail polish is a must! I have been wearing orange and yellow recently, but have a look at these other lovely colours, all by Pupa:

 I also love using the Pupa Miss Milkie stuff, not only for feet but for your whole body .The body moisturiser and scrub are my favourites, and smell amazing!

And of course, summer feet can get just a little bit sweaty, so don't forget a deodorant spray! I use this Scholl one, and it works really well.

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