Monday, 4 June 2012

The little things...

Recently, myself and the other girls have been pretty busy at work. It's exam time, so this involves doing lots of preparation with the students and becoming increasingly more knackered! It's definitely taking it's toll a bit, and we are looking forward to the summer break! We have been drinking a fairly large amount of this:

and have been wanting go out and drink more of these:

But in the meantime, we are soldiering on! We are coming to the end of our class courses, so this gives us a good excuse for a little party, or at least some fun and games. For my adults, I'm going to make one of my nutella cakes, and for the little ones? A big bag of sweets to share around of course!! Every now and then, the students are very sweet and also like to 'reward' us with some little goodies. The other day, one of my younger students stormed into my classroom at the start of the lesson, carrying a small bunch of flowers for me, that I later found out he had picked from his grandma's garden. I actually got a little emotional at the sweetness and simplicity of the gesture. How lovely!!

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