Wednesday, 6 June 2012

new additions...

What do people do at these town festivals that I keep going on about? Well, they mingle. A LOT. They listen to live concert music (sometimes good, sometimes terrible) and they marvel at the ridiculously dangerous fireworks. But that's not all. They also buy animals. Yes, the animal stall comes to town, and little kids can buy gerbils, fish and other small animals that they will end up neglecting and leaving mum to look after.

I decided to jump on this bandwagon, and get myself a pet. Well actually, two. May I introduce my two (ninja) turtles, Tim and Jennifer: (re: the names, don't even ask..)

swimming shot

well it seems that SOMEONE is playing hide and seek...

Their hobbies include darting around in the water, hiding in shells and sunbathing. They do love a bit of sun. When school has finished for the summer, my project is to attempt to build a much better home for them than the one they have now (so for all you turtle lovers out there, don't worry, they will be moving to a better house!)

I've done some research online about how to keep turtles in the best way possible. It's said that they need lots of light, regular water changes and occasionally some veggies in their diet. If anyone has any more tips, do let me know! :)

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