Thursday, 28 June 2012

pizza, anyone?

I do tend to go on..and on and on about how fantastic the food is here. It's simple, tasty, fresh and not laced with preservatives like a lot of the food in the UK. I don't know anyone here who eats ready meals, and we have more greengrocers than you can shake a stick at in this small town of mine. Sauces and vegetables are not usually taken from cans and containers. Instead, vegetables and meat are bought that morning and prepared at home. And while ready meals or jars are easy and convenient (I sometimes use jars of pesto or tinned tomatoes), I am trying my best to adapt to this tastier and healthier way of cooking (and eating!).

But there's one thing that I have to buy 'ready-made'. And that's pizza. Fresh, tasty and oh-so-good. Most people label pizza as being fast food. Yes, it's fast, but it's also fresh, and definitely not dripping with grease like some pizzas I've had at home. Take a look at these photos, and I challenge you to not want a slice...

From 'Il Gufo', my favourite pizzeria. The owner is friendly, chatty, and makes the best pizza in town. He does lots of different toppings, my favourite being the one on the left at the back- 'Buffalina'. Fresh tomato with big piece of mozzarella di buffala. There's also the spicy sausage, potato and sausage, and caprese, to name but a few. I do belive I have tried all of them....

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