Friday, 29 June 2012

football fever part 4...the semi final!

As I expressed in my last post regarding the football, I fulfilled my promise of supporting Italy in the semi final. But secretly I had my doubts about how they would fare against Germany. I just wasn't sure. But when that first goal was scored, and not by the Germans, I was hopeful. As was everyone else! Instead of a full account of the match (which I'm sure you all saw anyway), I have decided to highlight just a few bits and pieces that I observed during these exciting 90 minutes (yes, I did say exciting. I maaaay be starting to like football. Just a tiny bit.)

The Italians' mispronunciation of the German names amused me. The fake German accent they used whilst saying them was also rather humourous. 

I heard a great deal of swearing. Yes, I know this is normal in any country, especially when it comes to football, but the literal translations of profanities such as 'sangue di juda!!' (blood of judas) and 'porca putana!!' (sl*t wh*re) are rather interesting. 

I think there was just a smidgen of suprise mixed in with the joy after the first goal was scored. Maybe it wasn't just me who thought it'd be a challenging match...

Balotelli may be a bit of an arse but a) he can score and b) he has a pretty nice body!

 While the Italians chose beer as their refreshment of choice as they viewed the match, I chose 'Esta the'. An incredibly awesome peach iced tea. More about this in the future. 

'Di Natale' literally means 'of Christmas'.

Seeing a shot of two Italians dressed up as Mario and Luigi during the last few minutes of the match was priceless. 

The horn beeping and flag waving and dangerous driving that I said took place after the previous victory was taken to a whole new level yesterday. But this time I actually stayed and viewed all of it, instead of heading home to sulk. 

It's great to be able to have a 'back up' team to support when your national team unfortunately doesn't quite make the cut. 

And finally.....FORZA ITALIA!!! 

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