Saturday, 30 June 2012

Ohhh I do like to be beside the (Italian) seaside!

Italians love many things. Food, football (grr..) and being late. But what they can't get enough of during the summer months, is the beach. Swimming in the sea and getting a nice leathery brown colour- they love it. So the other day, myself and the Irish/Welsh ones did a full on, all-day beach trip. The destination? Termoli, a very pleasant town on the Adriatic coast in the Campobasso province. It's a really popular resort, due to the nice beaches and clear water, but there is also a beautiful old town to explore too, if you get tired of 'taking the sun'.

We travelled to Termoli by train, which was easy and hassle free. As you leave the station, bearing to the right will take you towards the main street, which leads down to the sea front. We stopped for a cappuccino and a croissant at a nice cafe with lots of outdoor seating. Very necessary when the temperature was already about 30 degrees.

 We headed towards the numerous 'Lido's that line the beach. These are commonplace in southern Italy, and all of the Italians flock to them, many having booked sun loungers and umbrellas in advance for the whole of the summer. We went to this particular Lido:

At €7.50 per person it was a little expensive, but it was a good location and very clean. In the summer months, an umbrella is absolutely necessary- it gets very hot, especially around lunchtime, and shade is essential if you don't want to end up looking like a lobster. The owner of the Lido was a complete character, and we spent a very relaxing day sunbathing, swimming (or, sitting and floating...) in the sea and eating ice cream. We may have also attempted some synchronised swimming. That was until the Irish one got salt water up her nose. Some of the beach resorts you can go to tend to have mucky water, but Termoli was pretty perfect in terms of water cleanliness.

When we had had enough sun, we made our way (very slowly, because it's up a big hill, bear that in mind!) back to the station, stopping for another coffee at this lovely little bar on the way:

Visitors to Termoli seem to be mainly Italian, but various signs are in English and German too, and Lido staff speak a little English. Termoli is easy to reach by train, and for us it didn't cost too much at all. There are also some nice shops and numerous restaurants, many serving fresh seafood. Have a look at this link for some accommodation options (there are also several more in the vicinity, but these are actually in Termoli itself):  Places to stay in Termoli (

Now, all you need to be aware of are the men in speedos. Becuase there are LOTS.

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