Sunday, 1 July 2012

Roast dinner? Erm, not quite...

What does your Sunday lunch consist of? The typical British 'Roast dinner' looks a bit like this:
It Italy however, it's just a little different. Here's a very tasty (I know because I ate it) example of a typical Sunday lunch in Southern Italy:

Pasta in a rich and tasty tomato and meat sauce. The sauce simmers away for at least two hours to ensure it's really flavoursome (and it is!)
Beautiful roast turkey...
...accompanied by courgettes (boiled and then their flavour enhanced by mint, oil and vinegar- served chilled)
Fruit, as always. Fresh and tasty
Followed by....?!
...dolce, of course!
Ricotta and chocolate tart, forest fruit torte, tiramisu..all calorific and all incredibly good.

So there's only one thing left to do after a Sunday lunch in southern Italy. Take a nice, long nap....zzzzz

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