Thursday, 19 July 2012

flower power (and a lack of post offices...)

In my town there is only one post office. This causes me great distress (possible ranty blog post in the future- beware!) The minimum time you have to spend in the post office, even for the simplest of tasks, is one hour. Fact.

There are, on the other hand, more florists than you can shake a stick (or stem..) at. I'm not sure why. Myself and my boyfriend counted about 8 or 9, that we know of. He reckons there's a few more.

Now, Italians aren't super passionate about flowers. They seem to like them as much as any other nation does. But, seeing as we are smack bang in the middle of the countryside, there must be an abundance of flowers to sell. Or, becoming a florist is a very sought-after profession.

 Either way, I wanted to show my appreciation for the (many) florists in my little town. They create the most gorgeous bouquets of flowers, and the prices are ridiculously reasonable. There have recently been a couple of births in my boyfriend's family, so, being as traditional (or, unimaginative..) as we are, we chose flowers as a gift. Have a look at this gorgeous bunch (prepared on request) for baby Giulia:


  1. Aww this reminds me of the town I lived in France. Fresh flowers everywhere, especially in springtime. And one post office! it was a very intimidating place to go!
    Baby Giulia - such a pretty name!

  2. I know- don't you just love fresh flowers? My favourites have to be sunflowers. There are loads of them around here! I am now imagining this little French town with all the flowers..I bet it was lovely! (And yes..a pretty name for a beautiful girl!) :)

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    1. They're great aren't they! I love how much care and attention they put into making the bouquet :)