Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Terrapin Tuesday!

In case you had forgotten, a little while ago I acquired 2 tiny little terrapins. Turtles and terrapins seem to be the most popular pets around these parts. At least two of my boyfriend's brothers (yes, he has a big family..) have them as pets, and a whole load of my students have them.

They really are tiny little things, but don't let that fool you. They aren't that easy to look after. After I got them, I did a good amount of research. I want to take care of them properly, and avoid any illnesses or deficiencies (which they can get fairly easily, because they're so small).

I got rid of the small container that I was given when I bought them, and swapped it for a much bigger one, adding in little stones (for a 'basking' area..oh how Italian they are) and some nice shells. Oh, and a fake palm tree of course. They seem very content in their habitat.

Unfortunately, Jennifer recently had a bit of an eye infection. This could have been down to a lack of Vitamin A, so I fed the terrapins more veg (they now love parsley and basil leaves, and are slowly coming round to chicory) and some chicken liver (...yum..), and got some special eye drops. Within a week, she was as right as rain, and is more active than before.

Tim is a little wild child who likes to rampage all over the place and steal food from Jennifer. He also likes to hide under shells, sometimes covering his body completely and subsequently giving me a fright because I think he's escaped. Not that that's possible, seeing as the container is a lot taller than them, but still....

This week, Tim has been mostly: stealing Jennifer's chicken liver. And hiding under things.

This week, Jennifer has been mostly: Having food stolen from her mouth. And trying to find out where Tim is hiding.

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  1. Would you believe it, I'm eating a chicken liver kebab as I read this. No terrapins to steal it from my mouth though!