Sunday, 15 July 2012

This week, I have been mostly....

One of the benefits of being a teacher is, of course, the glorious summer holiday. As well as spending time blogging, cleaning my flat from top to bottom (ish), eating many lovely lunches with my boyfriend and his family, and preparing myself for the drizzle of the UK (I leave at the end of July), I have also been doing, well, other things. Such as:
1. Drinking far too much of this. I've already mentioned in another post about how much I like it, but now I'm getting seriously involved. Even realising that it's more sugary than I thought (we're not talking coca cola proportions though) didn't put me off.

2. Lusting after vespas. I'd wear a helmet with mine. Honestly!

3. Being followed around by my favourite stray, Muccchill' (yes, odd name/word/spelling I know..) I'm planning on doing a post about stray dogs in the future, but until then, here's a photo of this lovely (and looked after) canine:

4. Practising my cooking skills. Behold, a feast of antipasto! Details to follow shortly!

5. Seeing lots of naked flesh. And not just this week. When the sun's out, the clothes come off. 

6. Spending time with some fantastic people (and sitting on random doorsteps...ahem..)

Hope you had a smashing weekend!! :D

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