Friday, 3 August 2012

Fashion Friday!

Today, instead of a food Friday, I'm going to give you a fashion Friday.

One of the things I absolutely love doing when I'm back at home in the UK, is of course, shopping. There are so many more 'high street' shops here compared to where I live in Italy, so I love taking advantage of the choice and of course, the lower prices (yes, I most definitely DID go to Primark!)

Behold, my lovely fashion finds:

I spotted this lovely scarf in Primark and just had to have it! How cute are the owls? It has come in very useful  here due to the wind and rain we've been having!

I wasn't too sure about this dress from Apricot at first. But the colours actually work really well together and it's nice and floaty. 
Slightly bad photography on my part, but you can see how cute this flowery blouse  from New Look is. And it looks great with...
...these! Do excuse the creases- I've already been wearing them loads! £11 from Primark- what a bargain! I picked up another pair in grey too. 
How gorgeous is this owl necklace?! There's a definite owl theme going on here.
As well as the necklace, I picked up this pretty bracelet, both were from Claire's Accessories, so weren't expensive at all!
So, even if the English weather is bad, you can always cheer yourself up by indulging in a spot of retail therapy. And if like me, you've been out of the UK for a while, go and hit Primark hard!!