Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Home sweet home...

My friends and family weren't lying when they said the weather was pretty bad in the UK. I have been wearing layers. Sometimes several. And a jacket. I even put a scarf on the other day.

But I mustn't complain. Because I'm back in the green (extremely green, due to all the rain!) and pleasant land, and having a lovely time. 

The highlight so far has been a trip down to Exmouth. I took the Italian man with me for his first experience of the English Riviera and of course, we also went to my friend Rachel's wedding. We had a really enjoyable day, seeing the lovely couple and some friends from uni and of course, dancing, drinking and eating. 

We then spent another couple of days getting rained on, eating gorgeous English pub food and playing crazy golf (I won. Just had to slip that in there.)

A rare moment of gorgeous sunshine. Pity it didn't last!

Steak and Ale pie. They don't do that in Italy!
Our lovely little b&b in Exmouth.
Having just waved goodbye to the boyfriend, I now have 11 days of glorious Englishness to look forward to.  Regardless of what I do though, I must remember to take my umbrella...


  1. Having lived in Dublin for six years before moving to France, I can definitely say that I miss the pub food!!!
    Enjoy the rest of your stay in England :)

    (I saw you over on blogexpat and thought I'd stop by and say hi... HI!)

    1. Hey Sara Lousie! Yep, pub food is definitely something I miss too! The English weather on the other hand...!

      Thanks for stopping by to say hi ('hi' back!:D)- hope you can visit again soon! :D