Monday, 19 November 2012

The annoyed jellyfish

Hello folks!

I hope you all had a good weekend. Mine was made up of drinking coffee, sleeping, eating and going to IKEA. (More on that soon. Yes, IKEA is blog post worthy.)

Recently I have had a bit of an issue with fake blog traffic. Everyone gets some at some point, but recently I have had hundreds of extra hits. I'm pretty sure that these people aren't interested in sunshine and/or tomatoes. And I'm very sure that actually, they aren't people at all. Just silly spammers who want to cause havoc. Upon seeing all this nasty fake traffic, I felt a bit like this:

 Don't even ask what part a jellyfish plays in all of this, but his expression portrays exactly how I felt.

Anyway, then after realising that actually, apart from giving me 'fake' stats, nothing else changes, and I can still carry on blogging about all things sunshiny, tomato-y, and southern Italian-y. So I shall. A big shout out to all you real life people who are actually reading this. You are GREAT.

I shall leave you with a bit of Hugh Laurie (aka Dr House), who sums up exactly what I'm now thinking:

Happy Monday!

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  1. Your posts are so fun. I love jellyfish and House, so well done! ;)