Thursday, 27 December 2012

Christmas capers...

Hello folks!

Whether you're spending the festive season in the UK, Italy or somewhere else in the world, I trust you're enjoying yourself, and most importantly, eating LOTS. I certainly am, here at my parents' home in the Midlands.

I spent Christmas day and Boxing day eating, drinking, eating, playing silly board games and eating a bit more. Part of me was eager to see what an actual Italian Christmas day was like, but I've got to be honest... I don't think I would have been happy without the traditional roast dinner and Christmas pudding :D 

Here are a few Christmas snaps for you, taken both in the run up to Christmas (in Italy) and Christmas day here in England.Enjoy!

Is this an Italian or English tree? Clue: look out for the panettone at  the bottom... ;D

An Italian nativity

My terrible wonderful students, playing games

The nativity at the nursery school

Christmas day wine...mmm


terrific trifle

and perfect pudding

Boxing day capers

Hope you've all had a good one!


  1. Love the pictures. The nativity scene is definitely an Italian tradition during the holiday season. The meal in your pic, although not Italian, looks delicious!

    Happy Holidays from the US

    1. Glad you like the pics Larry! Happy holidays to you too :)