Wednesday, 19 December 2012


As I'm heading home on Friday to spend Christmas with my family in the UK, I shall be missing out on the Italian Christmas day food fest. Instead of panettone I'll be eating Christmas pudding. Instead of pasta, roast potatoes. Instead of a post-feast coffee...well, nothing actually.

So last night, to make sure I had a little taste of something that the Italians (at least, the southern Italians) eat for their Christmas lunch, I enjoyed a nice bowl of brodo and tortellini. Brodo, or broth, is often served with these lovely little pasta parcels on Christmas day. It was warming, filling and yummy.

But although it was tasty, I'm still looking forward to my traditional turkey, parsnips and roast potatoes.... bring on the British food feast!

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  1. Looks lovely. What is the full menu of food that Italians tend to have on Christmas day?