Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Green is great!

What's your favourite colour? Contrary to the title of this post, green isn't actually my favourite colour. That would have to be yellow. But when it comes to food, I've got to say that green is definitely up there. No, I'm not a health nut (you'd be shocked if you saw my secret chocolate stash...seriously...), but I do favour the gorgeously green food on offer here in the south of Italy. Take, for example, the amazing 'new' oil:

I can't even begin to describe how delicious it is. Drizzled over some fresh bread or sliced tomatoes and mozzarella....(Are you drooling yet? I might be...ahem..)

And just to emphasize how gorgeously green it actually is, here's a photo of the new oil verus the older oil:

Bit of a difference isn't there?!

And moving on to another green favourite of mine: the passato. Who would have ever thought that blended green veggies could taste SO GOOD?? (And yes, that is a drizzle of oil on top. Literally can't get enough of the stuff.) Perfect for winter, especially when, like me, you're fighting a yucky cold.

And finally, there's broccoli. Have a look here for my recent broccoli and pancetta pasta dish. Simple, easy and absolutely delish. One of my favourite people on twitter recently told me that she and her hubby tried it a little while ago and they both loved it. Well there you go! This Brit does get it right sometimes! ;D

Does anyone else have any green favourites?

Buona giornata!

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