Saturday, 12 January 2013

And then the sun came out...

So, this morning started off pretty dull. Horrid grey skies, cold and damp. Oh yes, the weather can get pretty grotty here in winter too.

However, slowly but surely, the sun made an appearance. As it started to shine in through my window, I decided that a great song was necessary, to top off my transition into a much better mood! And what did I choose? An absolutely amazing, spine-tingling, full on powerful song. Enjoy...


  1. It is still dull and grey here and just horrible! Our connection is too slow to play music but I am sure your song choice is wonderful. Diane

  2. Good start any day with "Andrea" is a bello/bella day.....he can ture gray skys sunny......I hope your week end was all full of fun songs and great times......thank you for this tune it starts my Sunday off to a good start....that and me up at 8am watching "Correnasion st" with my tea and is gloomy here in Chatham Ont Canada as well.....look forward to a quiet day of taking down all Christmas "stuff"....Be Good Ciao for now

  3. I LOVE that song! Great choice :)