Friday, 11 January 2013

The perfect accessory

I have a new love. OK OK, a second love (boyfriend appeased).

Instead of first describing how I got it, when I got it or where I got it, I'm just going to show you the photos. And you'll understand:

This may just be the most perfect satchel bag EVER. And my books and folders fit into it perfectly, so I can use it for my job AND every other moment of the day! :D

Here are the vital stats: New Look, £15. That's right, it's totally British, and I'm loving it.

Have you purchased anything beautifully British lately?


  1. good day Amy....I hope your Friday is going smoooth and all your little monsters are beeing good.....your "bag" is quite nice but do your have shoes or (this time of year..Boots) to accompany this bag ???...and then to accompany "them" a Belt....maybe that could be your weekend adventure !!! its all about "the hunt" good !!! enjoy the weekend Guy...

  2. Oooh - serious bag envy! Glad to see I'm not the only to think picking up a bargain while back in UK is the way forward! I keep involuntarily laughing out loud at Italian prices!