Thursday, 2 May 2013

May 1st Celebrations

There are lots of reasons why I love Italy. Most of them are, of course, dolce based reasons. But another reason why I love Italy, is that fact that public holidays can happen on a Wednesday, so you get a nice (often much needed) day off in the middle of the week. Result! So, as yesterday happened to be May 1st, this meant no work... and all play!

The southern Italians definition of play almost always involves food. So, we packed a car full of meat, bread and beer, and headed for the beach. What ensued over the next 6 or 7 hours was: 17 Italians and and English girl munching their way through burgers, sausages and torcinelli ('sausages' made of innards...they're definitely an acquired taste!), all washed down with beer and a whole lot of conversation and shenanigans. Needless to say it was a thoroughly enjoyable day, aside from the fact that I got sun burnt on one (yes,just one) shoulder! It was so enjoyable in fact, that I totally forgot to take any photos. Woops! So I will leave you with the following images, which pretty much demonstrate how I would sum up the day:

OK, so the barbecue wasn't exactly set up like this, but I swear the amount of meat was the same!

There was definitely a LOT of sitting around doing nothing. It was AWESOME.

Clearly a necessity for any Italian barbecue.

Hope you all had a great May 1st! :D

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