Thursday, 4 July 2013

Home sweet home...

My week and a half of vegging out at home in the UK is officially over. I went, I saw, I ate pork pies, I watched repeats of Lewis on TV (love that show). But now, after a much less turbulent flight than my previous one, I am back in southern Italy and enjoying the sunshine. Oh no, wait a moment, I'm not. The sun is officially nowhere to be found. Today is decidedly grey and yucky, and the Italians who have 'braved' the streets are pretty grey and yucky too. Italians and bad weather? Let's just say that their grumbling starts to rival that of us Brits. Here's hoping that it perks up soon, as I am seriously in need of some beach time; that's what Italian summers are all about! (Well, that and the excuse to eat as much gelato as humanly possible.)

You will have seen in my last post that I moved house. Well, I am now officially settled in my new flat and have arranged all of my (bags and bags and bags of) stuff accordingly; photos on the wall, bottles of San Pellegrino Cocktail in the fridge, Union Jack biscuit tin on the table and little 'witty' signs like this all over the place:

I'm feeling at home already.

Buona giornata! 

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