Tuesday, 1 October 2013

(Sweet) Breakfast Time

Breakfast is possibly my favourite meal of the day. This may be because it's so satisfying; after a good few hours of not eating, it's like the body is well and truly ready to start scoffing something. Well, at least mine is. Or, it may also be because here in Italy, breakfast is made up of all things sweet: bread with jam or nutella, brioche, croissants, biscuits, cakes...as long as it's dolce, it has a place at the breakfast table. If you go to a big (or even medium) sized hotel here in Italy, especially in the more northern parts of the country, you'll find all manner of yummy breakfast items, from sweet to savoury and everything in between. But in southern Italian homes, and many little b&bs in the south, you may only find sugary treats. My favourite breakfast consists of a croissant, a delicious cappuccino and maybe a glass of orange juice. Whether it's at a bar or in the comfort of my own home, I will never miss my sweet, sweet breakfast.

Brekky at the bar...

...or brekky at home!
 For some Italians however, a sweet, sweet breakfast like mine is just not an option. Instead, they plump for a shot of espresso and continue on their way. Well! Apart from the fact that these folk are well and truly missing out on a delicious meal, it's a wonder that they can function without eating something. My brain definitely doesn't get going before the coffee and croissant and possibly biscuits and juice and... anyway. I am a true advocate of la colazione and will continue to preach to all and sundry about the importance of a good brioche or two come the morning.

What are your favourite breakfast treats?


  1. Weetabix for me over here, can't be doing with the sugary puffy stuff, I'm hungry again after half an hour!

    1. I used to have Weetabix back in the UK! Look what has happened to me.... ! ;)